our story

Dhanya Balasubramanian

She enjoys asking questions, and curating all things beautiful. She gets paid to merchandise clothes. She also happens to enjoy dressing up; herself and everything around.

It all started in the way back, when she spent evenings staring at her mother's saree beero (cupboard). Over the years, stares turned into conversations; into excursions to Nalli, Chennai; into obsessing about color palettes for clothing; into developing taste for richness and elegance in textiles. 

Into hunger for the clothing stories of Chennai. 

papreeka tales, we call it. 

This blog is born out of eagerness to seek all those who share the obsession for good clothes. To seek all those who dream of their own saree beero.


Madhusri Suresh

She walks around Chennai capturing everything pretty into her camera. She gets paid for analyzing social media. She also happens to love creating graphic art.

She's soul-searching here at papreeka tales for good style, great taste, and greater people.

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